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RATES: A day rate is eight consecutive hours between 9 AM and 5 PM. Overtime will be charged for any booking before 9 AM and after 5 PM. Double rate will be charged for Sundays, Holidays, and any bookings after 10 PM.

HOURLY BOOKINGS: Minimum of one hour on all bookings with 30 minute increments. Length of time must be stated at time of booking. A model must be paid for the full amount of time that they are booked, even if they are not used for the full amount of the booking time.

LINGERIE: Bras, panties, slips, pantyhose and all transparent loungewear, sleepwear or underwear is a minimum of one hour. Client must specify type of lingerie at the time of booking. I must clear  before accepting any lingerie or artistic bookings.
A closed set must be provided.
* Lingerie/ Underwear ( bras, panties, slips, pantyhose and artistic shoots.) Double Rate.

TESTS: No usage except for self-promotion for the photographer and model. All usage to be negotiated in writing.

USAGE: Fees and usage are subject to negotiation. Check with me prior to bookings to avoid any conflicts. No national ads, packages, posters, billboards, P.O.P., displays, hang tags, inserts, internet or web, endorsements, or use of name, unless cleared prior to the booking.

USE RIGHTS: Are limited to specific rights granted at the time of booking. The term, media, or graphic areas may not be extended without renegotiation with me first in writing.

RELEASES: Models release will be signed on day of photo shoot.

MAKE-UP AND HAIR: Preparation time is at full rate.

TRAVEL TIME: Will be charged outside a ten mile radius of New York City ( Manhattan).

TENTATIVE BOOKINGS: If the client does not confirm or release tentative bookings, I reserves the right to cancel.

DISCREPANCIES: Any on set discrepancies will be resolve prior to assignment completion.

CANCELLATIONS: Confirmed bookings are subject to a full assignment cancellation fee, if cancelled in less than 24 hours.

WEATHER PERMIT: Client must specify weather permit at time of booking, or full fee is charged. Same day cancellation: Full fee will be charged unless, client reschedules at the time of cancellation.

T.V./ VIDEO/ RUNWAY: Check with me in advance.

PAYMENT: Payment is required on same day of booking at the end of the day and/or during signing of contracts and model releases. 10% late charge per month will be added if not paid within 30 days.

CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY: * Advise me of double, triple, or group bookings.
* Advise of extraordinary conditions or requirements.
* Specify Weather permits.
* Specify usage at time of bookings.
* Specify exact wardrobe requirements.
* Provide adequate dressing facilities in studio or on location.
* Provide complete billing information at time of booking.